Rich, privileged desis have a trajectory of being hostile towards the working class. From separating utensils for house helps to reluctance to give tips to waiters, our fragile egos can’t sustain without bigotry.

And bigoted desis carry their sentiments everywhere. We stumbled across a compelling Twitter thread shared by Gaurav Sabnis, Associate Professor of Marketing at Stevens Institute Of Technology. He shared his problematic encounter with a desi neighbour about the amount of tip to be given to the building porter.

At this point, the guy kept relating to that Friends episode when Ross Geller had just moved to a new building, and his neighbour asked him to pitch for a farewell party to the handyman. But this was different. Sabis cleared that the porter wasn’t retiring and that he did a really good job in maintaining the building.

And then the guy did that typical thing where he calculated the amount the porter MIGHT make and expressed his shock. Cos how DARE he earn this much sum in a day!

We all know how dangerously common this kind of thinking is. You see, we can spend lakhs on frivolous luxurious items, but somehow paying people who help us is tasking. Sabnis concluded his thread stating how even $200 is less, considering the rent of their building.

So many people reacted to the thread saying they know (or have seen) people like the guy who relates with Ross Geller for no reason.

It’s Christmas! The real gift we can offer anybody is kindness. Bigotry would take us nowhere!

Read the complete Twitter thread by Gaurav Sabnis (@gauravsabnis) here.