I had read a quote somewhere: You can piss in public but can’t kiss in public. ‘Coz showing your pee-pee in public spaces doesn’t make us uncomfortable at all. But ‘lip-lock’ (as some people call it) is frowned upon kyunki public display of affection is a big no-no in our Indian society.

Apparently, a woman, who calls herself ‘old-fashioned’ believes that couples kissing for their pictures in Indian weddings is a ‘cringe’ act. Her opinion has gone viral on Twitter.

Representational picture. Image credits: WeddingBazaar

The tweet posted by a Twitter user, @MissSingh04, reads: “Call me old fashioned but lip lock pictures in Indian weddings look cringe.” She added that we should stop copying the western culture.

Wait, there is more.

Well, obviously, everyone has a right to their opinions but this is certainly a personal choice. Isn’t it?

Let’s check out how others are feeling about it:

Hey girl, cringe is your opinion and btw you are living in the land of Kamasutra. Mind your own business please? Kissing is a gesture of showing love and affection. Close your eyes or don’t be in such weddings.