No one has won every match they have played. That’s a fact which is true across all sports. Losing is a reality you have to come to terms with, but guess sometimes people just can’t. Here are instances of athletes, former and current, being absolute sore losers. Read on. 

1. Back in 2017, former Australian cricket Ian Healy said that he is “losing respect” for Virat Kohli because he chose to sledge the Aussies. First of all, Kohli did not say anything out of line. Secondly, it’s always hilarious when an Australian cricketer lectures people on being aggressive. 

People quickly reminded Ian of all the sledging that happened during his years in the team and many that followed. The matter blew up. India won the Test by 75 runs.

2. Speaking of Aussies, they turned down the offer to have drinks with the English cricket team after losing the first Ashes Test in 2015. It’s a custom in English cricket and their offer had not been turned down even in 2005, which is saying something.

3. More recently, Cristiano Ronaldo commented “facts” on a post dissing Lionel Messi for being given the Ballon d’or. Whether he should have won it or not, is a discussion that can be had, but to go on a fan post criticising his contemporary and commenting something like that was not warranted.

4. Marcos Baghdatis broke FOUR tennis racquets during his match with Stan Wawrinka in the 2012 US Open. He just couldn’t stand losing and his video from that match is borderline scary.

5. Novak Djokovic may arguably be the best tennis player in the world right now, but he quickly crumbles when angry. As was the case during the US Open, 2020 where he was disqualified for accidentally hitting a line judge with a ball that he threw in her direction out of frustration. He had lost the first set 6-5.

6. At the 2019 World Cup, the England Rugby team did not wear their runners-up medals after losing to South Africa. A gesture of this sort develops multiple layers of offensiveness, intended or not. They were rightly criticised for the same.

7. Sweden’s Ara Abrahamian was so angry about losing Greco-Roman wrestling match in Olympics, 2008, that he went to hit the judges and had to be stopped. Ultimately, he won bronze and threw the medal on the ground.


8. Now, this is the one everyone is a bit unsure about. Basically, when Dutch speed-skater Sjinkie Knegt lost to South Korea’s Lim Hyo-jun in the Winter Olympics, he allegedly sowed a middle finger to the cameras. 

Daily Mail

We would have excused him, honestly, given him the benefit of the doubt if he were not a repeat offender.

New York Post

You can’t win every game, guys.