Remember when Clubhouse was not available to everyone? It was probably for good measures. Then came Twitter Spaces and everyone could join in and start discussions on different topics. Considering how people have started abusing the benefits of having a community – quite literally, it was indeed sensible to keep the membership limited.

Where is this coming from? Well, India lost the T20 semi-finals yesterday. While it was a major loss, at the end of the day, it’s a sport, and we win some, we lose some. And while the ever-loving, cricket-watching Indian audience understood that, some idiots couldn’t, and hence the video of some ‘fans’ on Twitter Spaces abusing Captain Rohit Sharma and team India is going viral on the internet.

Here’s the video, trigger warning – abuses.

Some came in support of the video, stating since they praise them when they win, they have the ‘right’ to abuse them when they lose. It’s just them ‘expressing their emotions.’

According to some, while it was an analytical space, in the beginning, some of the members took it too far later on.

And some understood how disrespectful it truly is

While everyone has freedom of expression, and fans have a ‘right’ to ‘express their emotions’, there’s a fine line between expression and disrespect and it shouldn’t be crossed.