In yet another news of someone being insensitive towards the situation and using it to gain fame, we have, drum rolls please, Salt Bae and his antics during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

The FIFA World Cup gave us a lot of people looking for a photo op with players for their own benefits. Just like French President Emmanuel Macron tried to ‘console’ a clearly disheartned Mbappe after the loss, Salt Bae tried to benefit from Argentina’s win.

Salt Bae interrupted Argentina’s World Cup trophy celebrations, hounded Messi for picture, bit Franco Armani’s medal, and later even carried the trophy. The disaprroving looks of players was clearly evident from the pictures that surfaced on the internet.

The one common thing with people who can’t read the room and will utilize any situation for their own benefit is that they keep repeating themselves.

Earlier also Salt Bae tried to hijack an emotional moment for Mohamed Salah when he dislocated his shoulders during the Champions League Final in 2018.

And then this photo with Elon Musk.

Fans are understandably unimpressed by these limelight fiends of Salt Bae

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