Sometimes intentionally and sometimes by accident, a lot of funny things have happened on the cricket field over the years, making the sport so much more entertaining. Here we look at some of those instances.

1. In 2019, Sri Lanka’s Lasith Embuldeniya was bowling to Trent Boult when the ball got lodged into the helmet of the batter. After which, the Sri Lankan players held his face and started appealing saying that since the ball hadn’t touched the ground, it could count as a catch. They were not serious. It was very funny.


2. This one time umpire Shamshuddin was handed over the ball during a match between RCB and KXIP but he forgot about it completely. As a result, there was a lot of commotion on the ground and a new ball had to be given to the bowling side. The mystery was solved when the replay was observed closely.

I mean, we have all looked for glasses/shades while wearing them so let’s cut him some slack there.

3. During the T20 World Cup qualifier between Canada and Nigeria, batter Sulaimon Runsewe ran off the ground without much discussion with anyone, leaving people confused. As the teams and the viewers waited for him, the captain of the Nigerian side rose to the occasion and started walking towards the pitch to bat. This is when Sulaimon re-entered the scene and it was revealed that he had to pee.

He was welcomed back with applause. That always makes me crack up.

4. MS Dhoni is known to say the funniest things to the fielders. In what has become an iconic incident now, he told Suresh Raina not to act like a volleyball. For real. Loved it.

Jaag ke zara. Volleyball ki tarah khada hua hai beech mein.

5. Here, Pakistani bowler Hasan Ali goes in to celebrate a wicket with an elaborate routine and pulls his muscle in the process. Shouldn’t laugh, but hey Sarfaraz could also barely keep a straight face.

6. When Ajit Agarkar raised his bat to the crowd after scoring a run against Australia in Tests, 7 ducks later. 

I find it cute, but it was also funny.

8. When Javed Miandad told the umpire “I’ll go inside and let you know” after winning the toss. It’s his unfazed attitude that gets us each time. He said that as if it were a normal thing to do. Like obviously, one goes to the pavilion, takes their own sweet time, and gets back to the umpire with the decision. Miandad!

Umpire: Javed you’ve just won the toss, what do you want to do?

Miandad: I don’t know, I’ll just go inside and I’ll let you know.

Cricket can be a very funny sport at times.