Any sport which doesn’t see the participation of Pakistan is missing out, in my opinion, because our neighbors are entertaining as hell. 

From players to fans, they seem to be doing their own thing. For instance, former Pakistan cricket captain Javed Miandad telling the presenter he will “go inside” when asked what he wants to do after winning the toss.

No Javed, you can’t “go inside and let you know” during an international match. I’d argue you can’t do that in any format of cricket unless, I guess, it’s a building cricket session thing and you own the bat.

Anyway, his attitude is highly fascinating and the internet is loving hilarity of it.

Miandad remained a controversial character throughout his career and had some pretty intense on-field arguments with the Indian cricket team members. He also picked some very infamous fights with the Australians and was a big fan of impersonation back in the day.

So much so that there are reaction videos for his antics on the internet because, well, people like to watch this stuff. This makes us think if there were social media back when he was playing, Javed would be trending every day.

What a guy!