Recently, Zerodha CIO and co-founder, Nikhil Kamath was in news for beating Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand by violating fair play rules.

The win came as a surprise to fans because how could someone who hasn’t played chess in over 15 years outplay Anand.

Kamath began the game with a rarely seen move to lose a pawn. But, much to everyone’s astonishment, he pushed Anand to the limit in a 30-minute rapid game.

The following is the image of the stage where Anand withdrew from the game like a gentleman. Anand was playing white.


After discovering that Kamath had won by cheating, banned his account.

The online gaming platform also concluded that Nikhil Kamath’s moves showed that he had used the help of a computer to beat Anand. It is assumed he probably used Stockfish, one of the strongest Chess engines of all time, to cheat.

While Nikhil later admitted that he had cheated, the harm had already been done.

What do you think about the game between Nikhil Kamath and Viswanathan Anand?