MS Dhoni has a wonderful habit. Once he leads the team to victory, he stands on the side.

There wouldn’t be anything fundamentally wrong, or any kind of wrong, if he decides to do otherwise – but he doesn’t.

There’s humility in that, and acknowledgment that you can have the most accurate instincts as a captain, but you still cannot win if the 10 other guys are not able to execute your plans. It’s a tribute to the team.


So, last night when CSK lifted its 4th IPL trophy and it was time for the group photo, Dhoni went and stood in the corner. 

It was like saying, “Here’s the trophy, thank you for making the team win, enjoy”. Among other things, this is what makes Dhoni special, and here are people expressing the same.

You really have to look for Dhoni in that picture. Which is poetic. Aren’t we always looking for Dhoni?