Luck did favour the brave Mumbai Indians today when they won the toss, a prerequisite to keeping their playoff hopes alive; but sadly, things didn’t end the way the team would have hoped to.

Going into the match Mumbai Indians knew they needed to win by 170 runs, which naturally means they had to bat first. 

With one box ticked, the responsibility of this all-important victory fell on the shoulders of batsmen, and two of them really shined through. Ishan Kishan’s blistering 84 and Suryakumar Yadav’s outstanding 82, made sure they were still in the tournament while prepping to defend the total. However, that dream was shattered soon.

Mumbai Indians needed to wrap Sunrisers Hyderabad’s innings for 65 runs or less. Which didn’t happened and so one has to say goodbye to the defending champions. 

With a smile, though, because they fought and fought really well. 

Here are some reactions to Mumbai Indians’ ouster from the tournament. 

Some days out there on the field are simply tough. It’s the nature of the game. But you know, they end. Hoping to see the brilliant Mumbai Indians going at it again next year.