23-year-old Ishan Kishan is one of Indian cricket team’s brightest new talents, which becomes very evident when you look at those boundaries he hits. However, that is not where things end, the guy is also a great guest for interviews, and proof of that is the latest episode of Breakfast with Champions

Obviously, the first question had to be about his comparison with MS Dhoni, or rather him taking up the same role as the veteran.

To which, Ishan says that he had been playing as a wicket-keeper for a long while but being around Dhoni definitely helped. What didn’t help was playing against Dhoni in the IPL. He then narrates this incident. 

He has been lucky to be sharing the locker room with other greats like Kohli, who was also his partner on his debut. Reminiscing about that innings, Ishan says that Virat asked him to hit the first ball for a 6. This startled him a bit but also gave him confidence. He ultimately hit a 4. 

Now, another India great that he has spent time with, is Rahul Dravid. Speaking of Rahul’s attempt to socialise with the youngsters, Ishan hilariously says:

It is easy for people today to overlook the struggle he went through (something Ishan doesn’t find offensive) but the guy has worked very hard for a very long time to reach this position.

And through this journey, people who stuck by his side were his family members. In fact, during this one IPL auction, Ishan’s dad had to go to the hospital because his BP went up. Ishan laughs and says he came back as soon as the bid was finalised.

Apart from this, he shares many interesting stories from his childhood and the time when he was not a part of the national team. Listen to all of them here: