Neeraj Chopra created history and made India proud by becoming the first Indian ever to win silver at World Athletics Championships. Since then, praises and congratulations started pouring in. 

Similarly, Indian Super League’s Instagram handle also posted a story about this marvellous win. The only issue? People couldn’t find Neeraj Chopra in the picture, instead it was a picture of Neeta Ambani, Founder & Chairperson of FSDL.

Considering the caption was essentially Neeta Ambani’s statement on Neeraj Chopra’s historic win, the photo made some sense. But since there was no other post praising Chopra on the win, the Internet was having none of it. And soon enough, comments and Tweets started pouring in.

Credit where credit is due, Neeraj Chopra – heartiest congratulations on the historic win.