The grand finale of the Asia Cup 2023 concluded with India winning the title for the eighth time since 1984. Where the match witnessed numerous record-breaking moments, the bowling by Mohammed Siraj became the highlight as the fast bowler took 4 wickets in a single over and became the first-ever Indian bowler ever to do so.

Mohammed Siraj  asia cup

Naturally and unsurprisingly, Siraj was awarded the ‘Player of the Match’ award with a cash prize of $5,000 (₹4,16,440), which he dedicated to the Sri Lankan ground staff for their relentless support throughout the tournament.

Mohammed Siraj  asia cup
Hindustan Times

Siraj’s kindness, in addition to his career-changing performance, became the topic of discussion on the Internet. Here’s how people reacted:

After a rocking Asia Cup victory, here’s rooting for team India to become the World Champions in the World Cup 2023.