From always taking care of us to rooting for us, mothers never shy away from showing their unconditional love. Proving this, a heartwarming clip, in which a mother is seen describing a football stadium to her visually impaired son, has been going viral on social media.

In the clip, the mother, who is sitting beside her son, Marcos Felipe, in the stand, is seen describing the details of the stadium to her son right before the match. 

Son, there are the flags. Here is the stadium, a lot of Avaí fans, behind here are a lot of Flamengo fans, you know? A lot. On the other side, there is another stand. We are behind the goal. Do you understand, my love?

As per the reports by Razoes Para Acreditar, this touching incident was captured on July 24 during a match between Flamengo and Avaí in Florianópolis in the 19th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Needless to mention, netizens flooded the comments with hearts and beautiful comments. You can watch the clip here:

There’s just nobody like a mother.

Please note that all images are taken from the clip.