Having put 192 on the board, MS Dhoni’s CSK has a mighty task ahead of defending the total in the IPL final, because as of now, KKR look determined with their 9.86 run rate. 

As one can imagine, if there is one thing CSK completely can’t afford right, it’s dropping catches. But that is exactly what happened. Venkatesh Iyer got a second life at 0, after his catch was dropped by none other than Dhoni.

People are suggesting that this could potentially change the fate of the match, which if it does, will be heartbreaking for Dhoni who has worked really hard to get his team to the final.

Here’s what people have been saying about the missed opportunity, on Twitter. 

To be fair, and as pointed out by many, the ball had a strange swing after Iyer hit it, and it is not surprising that it didn’t stay inside the gloves. But on paper, a missed catch is a missed catch, so this is something Dhoni will have to live with.  

This must also have been a bummer for the crowd at the stadium, which largely comprises of CSK fans who have poured in, in huge numbers to have one chance of seeing MS Dhoni and team lift the trophy.

Let’s see what the future holds (Iyer has scored 50 already, by the way).