In a hint about his imminent retirement, MS Dhoni has promised his fans that he will play his last Indian Premier League game in Chennai, in front of his fans.

Dhoni made the announcement during CSK’s YouTube live yesterday. Just like the rest of us, a fan was disappointed that she could not attend Dhoni’s last international game because of the sudden retirement call. To which he replied:

It can’t be a better day than that: 15th August. When it comes to the farewell, you can always come and see me play for CSK and that can be my farewell game. You will still get that opportunity to bid me farewell. Hopefully, we’ll come to Chennai and will play my last game over there and I can meet all my fans.

If Dhoni is planning to play his last IPL game in Chennai, the retirement can definitely not be this year. Whether or not it’s next year, that remains a mystery.

After a not-so-good performance in the first leg of IPL 2021, MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings returned and turned things around this time. 

The team became the first one to qualify for the playoffs, after a series of victories, and is now looking to enter the next round as table-toppers. 

Whenever Dhoni chooses to retire, we also hope it’s in India and in front of his loyal fans. He deserves it.