Everyone hopes their wishes to be granted – nicely and as quickly as possible. 

Now we don’t know whether Rahul Dravid also desired the same because there is one wish of his that seems to have been fulfilled, and how!

In an interview with Gaurav Kapur of Breakfast with Champions in 2019, the legend had jokingly mentioned how he wants to be the “bad guy”.

And we all know how that panned out. That’s literally the only thing anyone seems to be concerned about since the last few days. 

Anyway, coming back to the interview Dravid mentions how he loved to watch movies like Sholay and Anand as a kid.

As a response to this, Gaurav reminds him of the famous dialogue “Pushpa, I hate tears” and requests him to say it.


A very self-aware Dravid then says that one of his qualities is to figure out what he is not good at and to stay away from it. And acting, he says, is something he is not good at. 

Anyway, the clip ends with a brief discussion on Sholay, where Dravid mentions he’d like to be portrayed as Gabbar, the bad guy.

That’s better image, make me the bad guy.

Well, how is even the universe going to say no to Dravid? You can watch the video, here: