I find it quite amusing that we as a nation have accepted that Ravi Shastri likes to drink. In fact, things have reached a point where it has started reflecting in his interactions with others. For instance, his brief encounter with Rishabh Pant on the field yesterday. 

Pant, who scored an unbeaten 125-run inning, was awarded a champagne bottle, along with other things. Now, guess what Pant did with that bottle? Well yes, he gave it to former national coach Ravi Shastri.

In the video, one can see that the two exchange some words before Pant hands him a bottle and then looks at the stand to share a laugh with others.

Meanwhile, Ravi Shastri takes the bottle and keeps it on a platform. The video has been doing rounds on the internet and here are some of the reactions to it.

Earlier, Virat Kohli had also offered the champagne to Ravi Shastri but he had turned down his offer. With Pant, he just gave in. What can you do if the players won’t give up?!

India won the match by 5 wickets and 47 balls left, also winning the series 2-1 in the process, wrapping up a very successful overseas tour.