The job of an Indian cricket coach comes with a lot of responsibilities, and a great amount of pressure. One has to be on the road for at least 10 months, stay away from their families and make sure the team is functional/performing consistently. 

However, if the work is immense, so are the perks. 

Starting with the salary – the pay of the national cricket coach can go up to 10 crores per annum. 

Republic TV

This is what Rahul Dravid is reported to be paid for his gig, and it is the biggest remuneration anyone has received for the job.

Before him, Ravi Shastri was earning ₹8 crores for some years, before getting a hike in 2019.

Hindustan Times

Apart from this, the job also obviously covers the travel and stay for the coach. And these are obviously not your regular stays and travel options.

The coach, along with the team, travels business class, and stays in the best hotels across the world. 


The decision to fly everyone business class was made in the year 2017, when the players had complained about lack of leg space and abundance of fans wanting their attention, in the economy class.

In fact, former cricketer Kapil Dev had suggested that the board should buy its own aircraft for the team’s travel, which is something we could totally be an actual possibility. 


The team and the coach also get daily allowance during tournaments/series. In 2019, this allowance was raised to $250 (₹17,799.30) from an earlier $125 (₹8,899.65) for overseas events. 

This is for their personal expenses beyond travel, stay, etc. 

The Indian Express

The coaches, along with the players, also get extra money as bonus in case of big wins. For instance, the BCCI had given coach Anil Kumble ₹25 lakhs after India had a historic tournament against Australia in 2017. 

That doesn’t sound shabby at all.