Virat Kohli has redefined the meaning of fitness for Indian athletes. From diet to training, he has everything planned out and follows it strictly. 

By ‘strictly’, I mean not eating his favourite dish butter chicken for 4 years.

That’s only where it starts, though. Here are other crazy things he does that make him a freak of nature.

1. To start with, 100 squats in one session. Anyone who has done more than 10, knows what 100 means. 

In an interview, he once said:

I don’t do upper body. I only work on my legs for explosive power. He makes me do a crazy number of squats, close to a 100 in a session.
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2. He hasn’t had a single cheat day in 2 years

Not. A. Single. Cheat. Day. In. Two. Years. 

You know what that means? You know? No you don’t, because you can never do it yourself.


3. There are some exercises he has been working on for years. Like this one here. 

4. Virat admitted that his diet plan in the beginning was so tough, there were days he used to feel like eating the bed sheet.

For the first two months, I felt I wanted to eat the bed sheet when I went to sleep because I was so hungry. 

5. There have been reports that he drinks water that costs ₹600/litre.

The water is said to be imported from France and Kohli is specific about it because he doesn’t want to get any water-related allergies or illnesses. 

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6. Virat works out 5 days every week and 4 hours a day during off-season.

He is known to never miss a single session as he takes this very, very seriously.

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So, those are just some of the things that make Virat Kohli what he is (that cheat day bit still hasn’t sunk in).