Sourav Ganguly, who celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday, had quite a blast in London, the place known for his shirt-swinging.

Ganguly was there with his loved ones and in a video that shows the other side of Dada, he can be witnessed dancing on the streets of London as his daughter sits on the pavement, laughing. 

Grooving with a group of people on the song Deewangi from Om Shanti Om, Ganguly seemed to be having a lot of fun on his big day.

It’s not every day that you see Ganguly dancing like this, so obviously, people are very excited about it. 

Earlier, on the occasion of his birthday, Ganguly expressed the desire to become a cricketer again in his next life. “I just want to be a left-handed batter in my next life again,” he said. He also spoke of the transformation of cricket from the time he was playing to the time he started working as the BCCI chief.

When I started, the standard of cricket was very high which is more or less the same as of now but what has improved the most is the infrastructure. Now it’s completely modern. I remember my first international series in 1992 (Australia), I was paid Rs 30,000 for the entire tour. Now one player is getting Rs 1 to 1.5 crores for a single tour. So, it has changed and of course for the better.

Well, we also wish he is born as a left-handed batsman in all his lives. That’d be nice. Happy belated birthday, Dada.