India has lost to New Zealand by… well, they were losing at the time of writing this article, so its a safe assumption. This was a do or die match for both teams. So the one that lost is pretty much out of the tournament. That said…


India could still qualify for the semi finals. There’s just a few terms and conditions. 

Coming into the match, both teams had 0 wins in the tournament.And after this game, both teams will be playing Scotland, Afghanistan and Namibia. 

In order to have a chance at qualifying, India would need to beat all three of these teams but… 

Get yarn

We also have to hope that New Zealand loses at least one of those games. *Looking at you Afghanistan*. 


If India wins all three of those games and NZ loses, say one, both teams will be tied on 6 points, which is where Net Run Rate will come to play. So, not only do we have to win, we have to win big and really really hope, Rashid Khan pulls off a masterclass against New Zealand. 

Now, since that’s sorted, I’ll leave you with wise words by Morgan Freeman.