Every time Pakistan loses a World Cup match against India, you can bet your life, some TVs across the border are being prepared to bear the brunt of it. Except, it’s not just TVs. 

1. TV sets

This is an extremely common phenomenon across the border. And it is not a new fad, so to speak. This has been an ongoing process, a ritual of sorts during every World Cup since TV came to the subcontinent. 

From the old black and white sets to the massive colour TVs with big bums to the flat screens we see today, they have all fallen victim to the sorrow of an angry Pakistani cricket fan. This is a tradition dear to our neighbours and it’s a moral obligation at this point for us to win. 

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2. Cricket bats

Well, TVs can be an expensive affair if they serve to be a vessel for anger and disappointment. Hence, the next natural solution is a cricket bat. It is highly symbolic, a bit on-the-nose actually, if I am being honest. 

But they serve the purpose. Nobody is going to see people burning a cricket bat and think “I wonder what they are angry about.” The chances of that happening are extremely rare. Also, sometimes, the fire makes for good lighting. 


3. Posters

Of course, posters are dime a dozen in the subcontinent. Sometimes, cricketers’ faces even feature on random things they have never advertised for, like calendars. Scientifically speaking, any flammable object with the face of a cricketer does the job. It’s highly cost-effective as well and is a clear fan favourite, despite being a fire hazard. 


4. Effigies of cricketers

This is generally a group effort since to burn effigies, you must first create one. And that seems like a job for a bunch of people, ideally with no traditional source of employment. Since this is a bit time consuming and requires proper planning, effigy burning is traditionally reserved for offences of a more severe nature, like losing really really badly. 


Obviously, there’s a lot more than Pakistani fans might be breaking or burning, there’s no way to tell. Perhaps, we will see some more of this tomorrow or later tonight even, you never know!