What happened in the World T20 match between India and New Zealand was less than ideal. So was what happened in the match between India and Pakistan.

But that doesn’t mean that the players, including captain Virat Kohli, aren’t giving their absolute 100 percent on the field. The hate the skipper is getting suggests that people are not convinced about the same, which reflects heavily on the kind of fans some of us can sometimes be.

If there is one cricketer whose dedication cannot be questioned on the field, it’s Virat’s. He plays to win, and he does win. A lot. So it’s truly unfortunate to see how quickly people turn on him in the face of a loss or a bad performance.

Some of the hate can also be attributed to the fact that he took a strong stand against the bullying of Mohammad Shami because of the pacer’s religion.

For that, one struggles to find words. Even before the match had started, people had started saying that they hope India loses, so it’s not surprising that in a crunch situation like this, they have come all guns blazing against the captain who is trying his best.

While we don’t know what the fate of the tournament will be, we know that we are proud of Virat and the team for putting all their might into the games. Our pride can’t be shaken.