What better way to fuel rivalry before a cricket match than to recall scars of the past and give players all the more reason to defeat the opposite team? Now, ‘rivalry’ and ‘cricket’ would remind anybody of arch-rivals India and Pakistan. But this ain’t about us. Today we’re talking about Pakistan vs Zimbabwe and the world’s funniest rivalry, which springs from Mr. Bean (or a fake Mr. Bean).

Ahead of Pakistan vs Zimbabwe T20 World Cup match due today, Pakistan Cricket’s official Twitter account posted pictures of the players from the pre-match training session. However, a Zimbabwean’s comment about a ‘fraudulent’ Mr. Bean triggered a bitter row of words from the two sides. And it’s completely unrelated to cricket.

Now I understand if you’re confused (cos I was too), but this man has opened up about the scars of the past and the whole Mr. Bean fiasco.

Reportedly, a Pakistani man named Asif Muhammed traveled to Zimbabwe in 2016 and attended road shows, comedy night, and the Harare Agricultural Show. The man is a doppelganger of Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson. The fake Mr. Bean had fans enveloping his car. He had official security protecting him wherever he went.

Popular Stand-up comedian and International cricket commentator, Aatif Nawaz, has captured the entire conversation in his tweet, and cricket fans are in splits.

Here’s how fans on Twitter are reacting.




If Zimbabweans haven’t forgotten their 6-year-old wound, can anybody even blame them? This is some distorted level of internationally sanctioned treachery.

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