Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian athlete to win gold at the World Athletics Championship. His performance surely left the nation proud, but HE left all of us in awe during the championship. The athlete managed to prove what it means to show true sportsmanship and that is something we will talk about for years to come. The different instances of him being nice to people and respecting the work are just some examples.

Neeraj Chopra

They are very subtle moments, but they are enough for us to know that he’s an even better person.

1. When he politely refused to sign the Indian flag.

After the game, a Hungarian fan came in with the Indian flag, asking Neeraj Chopra to sign it. The star performer politely refused and told her that it was a violation of the flag. He then went on to sign the fan’s shirt, which was a sweet gesture on his part. This small yet significant moment showed what it means to be a sportsperson – to not disappoint your fans, while keeping in check with your morals.

2. When he invited Arshad Nadeem under the tricolour.

Neeraj Chopra and the Indian flag made headlines at the World Athletics Championship. After the game, the players were supposed to pose for a photo-op and that’s where we witnessed another heartwarming moment. Arshad Nadeem, who came in second, was standing outside the frame without the flag. That’s when Neeraj Chopra called him in, under the tricolour.

3. When he bowed down on the ground.

Neeraj Chopra has made the country proud, time and again. Sure, his game and skills have a role to play, but it’s more than that. For instance, he bowed down after his win, and these are the kind of moments that stay with all of us. He’s someone who’s known to respect his game, fans and the country – all of which shows in simple moments like these.

4. When he was asked for a reaction on being called ‘the GOAT’ and he gave this wonderful response.

The athlete who is now being referred to as the ‘golden boy’, is also called the greatest of all time. When told, his reaction was as humble as we’d imagine it to be. He said that he’d never call himself that because there’s still a lot to ahcieve. People told him that winning a gold at the World Championships was the last thing to do, but we want to better himself even now.

5. When he thanked his fans for “staying up late”.

While talking to the camera, after securing the first position, Neeraj Chopra shared a wholesome message for his fans. He thanked the country and the people for staying up late to watch the game. The javelin athlete added that the support meant a lot to him. This video almost has fans in tears.

6. When he came up with the most quotable words.

Someone asked Neeraj Chopra on what was left to achieve – given his recent achievement at the Olympics and World Championships. To this he responded, “Throwers don’t have a finish line.” He added that he may have won the championships and major tournaments, but he can still do better, get better. He talked about how his sport means more to him than winning, and that’s proof of his passion.

He won the game, but he also won all of our hearts.