MS Dhoni’s retirement from the Indian Premier League will essentially put a full stop to his cricketing career, which puts into perspective why the conversation about it never dies down.

This means that he is asked questions about calling it quits almost every day. And today, was no exception.

When asked about his future plans ahead of Chennai Super King’s match against Punjab, Dhoni said:

You’ll see me in yellow but whether I’ll play for CSK, you never know. There are a lot of uncertainties coming up, two new teams are coming, we don’t know what the retention rules are and so on.

This comes just a few days after he told a CSK fan that he hopes that he will play his last IPL match in Chennai, hinting that retirement is not in cards next year, and nor is leaving CSK.

So what he said today is a bit puzzling. Does he mean he will be associated with CSK but in some other role? But then he mentioned “new teams”. 

One can’t really guess what’s going on in Dhoni’s mind, but people out there are expressing their emotions:

Only time will tell what his plans are.