If Virat Kohli had scored a hundred yesterday, that would have been some spectacle. I suspect there would have been some celebrations on the road. 

That’s just a fan’s thinking though. We should not take away from what Virat did, it would be unfair. One knock may not be enough to end all the criticism regarding his form, but it was certainly a reminder of what he can do. 

Weirdly enough, people seemed to have forgotten that. 

Virat walked away with a brilliant 73-run-knock, his most special one in arguably the most important of all matches for RCB this season. 

He played a huge role in seeing his side home after they successfully chased a 169-run-target and here are some of the tweets celebrating his excellence. 

After the match, Virat talked about his preparation. 

I worked really hard before this game. I batted about 90 minutes in the net yesterday. I kept backing myself every ball. I wanted clarity every ball that I played. And I was able to achieve that for 90 minutes. So I came to this game very free. And relaxed that I can back myself every ball out there and not think of what if something goes wrong. 

The way Virat has handled this entire episode shows what made him the greatest in the first place. You need to work relentlessly, even and especially when things don’t seem to work out.