Virat Kohli is not in the best form of his career, and while criticism is inevitable (also important), the problem with most of his critics is that they seem to have forgotten who he is

It’s true that he has not been able to score runs, but it is not like he has forgotten how to. He is Virat. A reminder, the greatest of all time, and not just ours. He is the GOAT…of the game.


So, if everyone can take two steps back and tone it down a bit, that’d be amazing. A little sense of humour might help with this, and you can learn that from Virat himself. 

He recently did an interview with Danish Sait, which was more like a roast, and he handled all the questions chin up. It was actually quite funny.

For instance, this one is about his golden ducks. 

Virat got two golden ducks this season, which is something that has never happened to him before. He acknowledged that it was strange and that now the game has shown him everything it could.

Which led the discussion to his form. The form!

To this, he said that people criticising him night and day don’t know what it is like to be him and so he mutes the noise. 

You do that, Virat.

Lastly, there was a bit where the back of Virat’s seat fell off (they were sitting on a children’s table). Danish said something really witty immediately, and Virat’s response to it was even sassier.

The point is, and I will reiterate, that he is not playing the best cricket of his life. However, fans/critics shouldn’t act like he doesn’t know that. Let’s hope he fixes things soon. 

You can watch the whole interview here (there is also a hint about ABs possible return).