Everybody loves New Zealand. No matter what country you are from or what cricket team you support, you love New Zealand. For this generation, the face of New Zealand’s niceness is Kane Williamson. But it’s not a one guy thing. This is more of a cultural phenomenon.  


Case in point, this video from the ICC U19 CWC which shows New Zealand players carrying a West batsman out of the field as he was suffering from some severe cramps. 

Kirk Mckenzie had already played a brilliant innings of 99 in this crucial match. But batting for that long meant that he started cramping badly as he was walking off to the pavilion. This is when Kiwis stepped him and literally carried him out of the field. 

Like I said, everyone loves the Kiwis and for good reason. 

The world would honestly be a better place if we all were a little more like the boys in the video.