On Saturday, Ravindra Jadeja gave the captaincy of CSK back to MS Dhoni to focus on his individual game and with that, things went back to as they were at the end of the last season of IPL. 

Dhoni was back as – (wk, c) and he was back for the presentations. This brings me to the video of the crowd going completely crazy as he walks onto the field after the toss.

People refuse to stop chanting and at one point, it is difficult to even hear what the presenter and Dhoni are trying to say. 

It is not the first time the crowd has reacted this way to Dhoni’s arrival, and it will definitely not be the last time, either. But it is one of those things that always bring a smile to your face because this is what MS deserves.

Times of India

During the interview, Dhoni was asked the question he had to answer in an earlier edition of the IPL – whether we will see him in a yellow jersey again next year?

And his answer remains the same, “You’ll definitely see me in the yellow jersey, whether it is this one, or some other one, you never know”.

While we try to figure out what exactly he means by that, here are some reactions to the video on Twitter.

CSK won the match by 13 runs and we suspect it may have something to do with Dhoni’s return. He refuses that, though. MS being MS.