Cricket is called a ‘gentlemen’s game’. While time and again, we wonder why so, there are moments that prove maybe there is a reason to it. 

The viewers witnessed one such moment during India’s match against Australia today. Fielding at the deep near the boundary line, Steve Smith was booed by Indian fans who called him a ‘cheater’.

Noticing this happen, Kohli requested them to not do that and cheer instead. Whether for him or Smith, we are not sure. 

But Kohli definitely asked them to stop and earned praise for this gesture.

This isn’t the first time Smith has been trolled in the World Cup as a few days ago, people were spotted in the crowd dressed as sandpaper to taunt him and David Warner.

But for Kohli to take the responsibility of stopping it speaks a lot about his virtues as a cricketer. We are all proud fans!