India-Pakistan cricket rivalry is timeless, but a few cricketers have managed to transcend it and one of them is Virat Kohli. The former Indian captain has a solid fan base in Pakistan, to the point that his supporters from the neighbouring country have sometimes stepped out wearing jerseys with his name.

One of these fans wanted to take a picture with Kohli before the start of the Asia Cup this Saturday. This person followed Virat as the Indian batter was retiring after a practice session, but was stopped by the security.

Not willing to give up, he screamed out to Kohli and said that he has traveled all the way from Lahore to watch him play. 

On hearing this, Kohli turned around and got a picture clicked with the guy who fittingly was dumbfounded. 

Kohli then got pictures clicked with many others. 

After the incident, the fan was interviewed by the media, and he said that it was the best day of his life and that he hopes that Virat Kohli has a good run at the tournament.

Here are some reactions on the internet on this wholesome interaction.

Over time, Virat Kohli has made many gestures that express his love for Pakistan cricket and fans and the team. From giving his bats to the opposition players to praising them wholeheartedly, Virat has let the world know that India’s cricket rivalry with Pakistan ends on the pitch. 

This incident goes right on the top of that list of gestures.