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Waking up to the sound of chirping birds and going to bed to Mozart’s symphonies would be ideal, wouldn’t it? And imagine your morning alarm was Morgan Freeman gently asking you to get up and get ready. But it is not to be. We are cursed to listen to annoying sounds everyday. Life is all about finding your peace but how on earth are you supposed to do that when you’re waking up to your dad watching the news at full volume? The answer is, by tuning it out.

So here’s a bunch of annoying sounds in life that we’d love to mute and never hear again.

1. Dads Reading Lame WhatsApp Forwards

Who’s gonna tell my dad that he’s not going to find the way to a “successful life” in his college WhatsApp group and Santa/Banta isn’t a thing anymore? And he is not going to be cursed with 5 years of bad luck if he doesn’t send the frog’s picture to 13 people from his contacts. *aggressively rolls eyes*

2. Your Neighbours Bursting Crackers.

There’s so much that is wrong with this but we’ll start with the noise. What about the quiet and peaceful Diwali you had planned for yourself? The active noise cancellation of JBL Live 660NC can really be your saviour in such situations. Lord knows the sadistic fun these little devils derive out of bursting never-ending lines of mirchi patakhe and whatnots. 

3. That Nosy Invigilator During Exams.

Okay, but for real, we know we just have 20 minutes left in the exam, but you screeching to tell us that won’t help. These invigilators always think we’re up to something when honestly we just want to get done with the paper and leave! And they love to turn up the pressure at the end of exams and let us know like a big game show host. 

4. That ‘Ab Tumhaari Baari’ Aunty At Weddings.

There’s always this one aunty at every wedding who wants to know when are you getting married. And she won’t stop. She’ll ship you with people, ask your parents about it, and make your life miserable until she actually gets your ‘save the date’ invite.

5. People chewing loudly at dinner table: 

Trust me, eating isn’t supposed to sound like crackers going through pencil-sharpeners. It kills my appetite when I can hear people pulverise their food in their mouths and their saliva breaking it down for them. Like, stop please, I’m crying on the inside.

6. That Mahabharat in the house during meetings

You’re in the middle of a very important presentation and that is the exact moment your mom decides to chastise your brother for getting pudina instead of dhaniya. The full-blown Mahabharats at my house during important calls will literally be the end of me. Although, the JBL Live Pro+ TWS earbuds can really come in handy in such situations. The Adaptive Noise Cancelling lets you focus on your work without any distractions.

We can’t stop the annoying noises but we can definitely tune them out. The best way to do that is by plugging in JBL Live 660NC headphones or the JBL Live Pro+ TWS earbuds. The Active Noise Cancellation technology is truly unparalleled and helps you #MuteTheWorld. It won’t let anything come between you and your vibe. #DareToListen with JBL and get lost in your world.

While you’re busy figuring out how to mute the chaos this festive season, check out this cool video by JBL.