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Diwali is right around the corner and you know what that means! It’s time for ladoos, lights and making the house look LIT. Out come the diyas that mom had kept away for the past year and the Diwali lights that only mom knows how to set up perfectly. It’s also time to pick the perfect Diwali outfit with a little help from mom of course. 

In a nutshell, the festival of lights is back but it is incomplete without mom adding her perfect touch to every aspect of the festivities like the lighting, the snacks, the decorations, etc. because like everything else mom truly does know it best when it comes to Diwali too! 

But before we fully get into the festive mood, let’s take a step back, because before Diwali there’s another festival that comes to all our homes. 

It’s the annual ‘Ghar ki safai’ festival, where we hunt down every cobweb, wipe out every speck of dust and organise our cupboards to make our houses look as idyllic as possible. 

And who is the person responsible for supervising and helping us execute this cleaning spree to perfection? You guessed it, it’s our moms! 

Moms transform themselves into a one woman army, single handedly making your home look just like the day you moved in, spotless! Now, before you start drafting your “thank you mom” text that you send to her every few months, we want to let you in on another secret. When it comes to ghar ki safai YOU actually have it easy because moms take up all the difficult chores. 

Don’t believe us? Tell us, when was the last time you cleaned your bathroom? Can’t remember, can you? That’s because our moms have always cleaned them regardless of how hard the stains are to remove or how much she has to contort her body to make sure the entire bathroom is germ free. What’s worse is, they do this after supervising all our chores and help us when we are stuck somewhere. But we rarely do the same for them or ensure that they’re taken care of. 

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So, this Diwali let’s take a pledge to make it a #MomWaliDiwali. By stepping up and doing more than just our bit while leaving the rest to our moms. Step in and clean the difficult parts of the house like the bathroom too! Don’t stress though because we have a hack for you, and we’re absolutely thrilled about it. Harpic’s bathroom cleaner will clean your bathroom 10x better with much less effort.  

After all it’s not a truly happy Diwali unless everyone’s happy, right? So, this Diwali use #MomWaliDiwali and share a photo of how you are helping your mom with the tough task of bathroom cleaning and head over to Harpic bathroom cleaner’s handle to know more.