Artificial Intelligence is coming up with anything and everything these days. And we never imagined that hypothetical scenarios could be translated into pictures with such ease. But today, we have AI. So, artists are using this technology to come up with results that are more than just exciting.

AI generated images of celebs serving Iftar

Jyo John Mulloor, who’s an artist and AI enthusiast, shared images of famous personalities as chefs. Adding on, they are serving Iftar during Ramadan on a street in Dubai’s Karama. These pictures that were created with Midjourney are too realistic, like most AI-generated images these days.

Jyo John Mulloor

According to the artist, these images are an important message on spreading kindness, something he learned from Dubai’s Ramadan food street. Jyo John Mulloor also added that everyone should find inspiration and donate to the ones in need, this Ramadan season.

“As I wandered through Dubai’s Ramadan food street, I stumbled upon a group of chefs and waiters who looked like celebrities. But there was something more to them than just their looks – they were volunteers! These amazing individuals were cooking and serving food to the less fortunate during the holy month of Ramadan.”

Ramadan in Dubai

This is the post that he shared:

These pictures are proof that it’s the intent of an artist that matters, and probably, hopefully AI can’t top that.