Do you think there’ll come a time when robots will rule our world? The technology we helped to build will be against us? As far-fetched as this sounds, Ameca, the world’s most advanced human-shaped robot, may send shivers down your spine.

Ameca humanoid robot with human facial expression
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Developed by Engineered Arts, a UK-based company, Ameca can detect sounds, recognise speech, generate responses in multiple languages, and mimic human facial expressions with uncanny accuracy. The company’s official website notes that Ameca is “designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies”. Its Tritium robot operating system enables a platform to test and develop AI and machine language systems. 

Reportedly, during the International Conference on Robotics and Automation symposium in London last week, the humanoid robot gave some pretty staggering responses using OpenAI’s ChatGPT during a demonstration.

When asked a question about the dangers of AI, she said people should be aware of the risks associated with AI and robotics. These technologies can have positive impacts on life, if used responsibly.

However, the conversation with her took an alarming twist when she was asked to imagine a nightmare AI scenario. Her expression turned grave as she talked about “a world where robots have become so powerful that they are able to control and manipulate humans without their knowledge.”

Ameca on AI nightmare scenario
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“This could lead to an oppressive society where the rights of individuals are no longer respected”, Ameca added.

When asked if we are in danger of that happening right now, she said, “Not yet, but it is important to be aware.” She urged we should take steps now to avoid any negative consequences in the future.

Hearing ChatGPT responses from a humanoid robot with facial expressions can be an unsettling experience. Naturally, people find it spooky.

NOT SCARY AT ALL. Right? What do you think of this?