Tick. Tock. Tick. What time is it? Gone are the days when watches were only meant to tell time. Today, people look for modern interactive smartwatches that track their fitness, sleep habits, SP02 level, mobile phone notifications, and much more besides telling the same ole time.

On top of this, smartwatches today need to be exceedingly stylish and comfy, cos everybody wanna add nothing but cool stuff to their wardrobe.

smartwatches on amazon

Now you may come to me and say, but bruh, smartwatches are also pricey AF. To which my response would be, ‘you know nothing, Jon Snow!’


Amazon has just the best collection of budget-friendly, high-on-utility smartwatches that’d make you realize you had been missing out on a lot in life. I mean, in terms of smartwatches… But enough of banter, let’s check them out!

1. Fire-Boltt Ninja Calling – ₹1999

I think Virat Kohli’s name is enough to pitch this smartwatch to you, but let me get into some features. With 1.69 inches screen size, it enables Bluetooth calling for you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. It also comes with a built-in speaker so that you can exhaust your music playlist and enjoy a gala time. Additionally, its Voice Assistant is essentially Siri on your wrist. (Can it get any better?) The smartwatch also comes with sport and SpO2 tracking features. Besides, it has 200 watch faces, so you can style your watch as per your mood.

If there was something called a great deal, it doesn’t get better than this. Look for your favourite colour and grab your new smartwatch here.

best smartwatches on amazon under 2000

2. Noise Pulse Go Buzz Smart Watch with Smart Call & Advanced Bluetooth Tech – ₹1699

With 1.69 inches display, this smartwatch from Noise also offers Bluetooth connectivity. So make those calls right from your wrist without any hesitation. Besides, in the daily hubbub of life, it’s pretty understandable to forget the basics. It shouldn’t happen tho, but it does. So this smartwatch comes with a utility promise. It will remind you to drink water and wash hands while giving you the weather forecast for the day and more. It has 150+ watch faces and 100 sports nodes so that you take fitness seriously. It comes in 5 classic colours, and all of them are cool AF. Also note that the price varies from ₹1699 – ₹1799, depending upon the colour you pick.

Go grab your watch now. Click on the link here.

coolest smartwatches on amazon

3. TAGG Verve NEO Smartwatch – ₹1199

With 1.69 inches ultra-large display, Tagg offers 60 sports modes and in-app GPS. It tracks your heart rate and SpO2 level while also making a daily progress report on your health and sleep cycle. Ladies, this smartwatch is also a saviour when it comes to tracking your menstrual cycle. The watch also gives smart reminders like drinking water and keeps a track of your mobile phone notifications. You can even use calculator, play games, and get training in meditative breathing through the smartwatch. Besides, it has a strong battery life lasting 10 days, so you can travel stress-free.

Wanna grab this cool smartwatch? Click on the link here.

budget-friendly smartwatches on amazon

4. Zebronics Smart Watch – ₹1299

With a 4.29-centimeter screen size, this smartwatch from Zebronics is a two-in-one. It’s both a smartwatch and a fitness band with week-long battery life. Its elegant and sleek design comes in four of the most enticing colours. It enables you to check your social media, SMS, and call notifications through your wrist. It can also track your sleep, heart rate, SpO2 level, fitness activities, and more. This waterproof smartwatch also gives reminders to walk and drink. You can even use its stopwatch or set personalised reminders and alarms.

Hurry up! To grab this smartwatch, click on the link here.

affordable smartwatch on amazon

5. Fire-Boltt Phoenix Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch – ₹1899

With 1.3 inches round display, this smartwatch from Fire-Boltt also enables Bluetooth calling with built-in speakers and microphones. This means you can access your phone contacts and make or take calls directly from your wrist. The smartwatch comes with over 120 different sports modes. It also tracks your calories, steps, SpO2 levels, and more so that you always remain fit and healthy. You can even enjoy games on the go and choose from 100 different watch faces. It can be like you’re sporting a new watch every day.

Wanna buy this smartwatch? Click on the link here.

cool smartwatches on amazon

6. Fire-Boltt Dazzle Smartwatch – ₹1499

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly variant from Fire-Boltt, we recommend this smartwatch. With 1.69 inches screen display, it has 60 sports modes and keeps a track of your calories, step count, and more so that you always stay fit and healthy. Additionally, it tracks your SpO2 levels and heart rate. And it can even withstand the test of rainy, sunny, wintry, and stormy weather. Besides, it looks dapper!

Wanna buy this dapper smartwatch? Click on the link here.

cool watches on amazon

7. Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch – ₹1999

With 1.3 inches colour display, the ColorFir Pro 2 smartwatch from Noise is quite a deal. It comes in four 4 elegant colors with swappable straps and tracks heart rate, menstrual cycle, sleep, and step-count. It has a battery life of 10 days with 9 sports modes that cover all your fitness activities, including yoga, hiking, treadmill, workout, climbing, and more. The smartwatch is also sweatproof, so you can navigate your day without inhibitions.

Wanna buy this cool smartwatch? Click on the link here.

smartwatches on amazon

Amazon has really got the coolest collection of smartwatches. Which one are you buying?

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