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The last few years have been pretty great in terms of online exposure. From content creators to small business owners, everyone hopped on to trends and came up with unique ideas to grow socially. Luckily, we have a bunch of really cool apps that are allowing people to put out their content and get the appreciation that they deserve, and even become internet sensations in literally the blink of an eye!

One such platform is Moj, an Indian video-sharing social networking app that encourages innovative and keen minds to showcase their talents, be themselves and express freely through the video medium. It has emerged as the home ground for talent from across India, nurturing them through the platform to hone their creativity. 
So let’s go ahead and meet our 5 favourite Moj creators that have been rocking it on the app.

1. Bhavi

Shes cute, she’s loveable – she’s Bhavi Chandiramani. She joined Moj in June, 2021. It’s barely been a year and she already has won over 2 Million hearts on the app. Ever since her first music video feature #MyKhwaab garnered over 6 billion plays, there’s no turning back for this emerging star. She has faced quite a few ups and downs and has had a very rocky childhood. But the free spirited Bhavi, we see in these videos is the outcome of all those fights and struggles. Moj and her followers have given her the confidence that she needed to get ahead in life. Her content ranges from lip sync videos to makeup transformations. She’s probably one of the most stalk worthy people on the app, with her girl-next-door vibe. You cannot, and should not miss her content! 

2. Himanshu

We think Himanshu has been killing it with his dance moves and there are about 2 million people who will agree with that! His videos just compel you to groove and channelise your inner dancer. Himanshu is a trained dancer who hails from a small village Gairatganj in Madhya Pradesh, who has invested a whooping 14 years of his life to pursue his dream. But he got his big break when he won the biggest digital talent hunt Moj Superstar Hunt in 2021and it’s only been upwards and onwards for him thereon. So much so that he has gotten the opportunity to collaborate with stars like Siddhant Chaturvedi, Akshay Kumar, Remo D’souza, Jacquiline Fernandez, and Kriti Sanon, all of who love him. The man is full of surprises, isn’t he?

3. Rashi

When it comes to talent, age is just a number. We have a 13-year-old with 6 million followers who’s winning hearts with her creative content. Rashi, from Shirdi, has been a popular Moj creator ever since her mom jokingly put out one of her videos on the internet that got viral. But this girl became an overnight sensation when her portrayal of Deepika Padukone from the movie Ram Leela went viral on Moj. You can take a look at this cute lil munchkin’s videos and tell just how graceful and confident this kiddo is. So much so, Ranveer Singh called her ‘choti Deepika’! 

4. Austin

Austin is a delivery boy, turned Moj creator and meme sensation. He has always loved creating content and being in front of the camera as he was growing up. One time around, one of his videos got viral on Moj and was published on a famous meme page. Since then, Austin hasn’t turned back. He has immersed 100% of himself and is now creating content full time. We absolutely cannot stop scrolling and having a blast through his videos!

5. Prasad

Prasad probably has the most hilarious skits and videos on his account. With over 2.4 million followers, he has been consistently entertaining people through and through. His ability to play different characters is unreal. As he found the support and love of the
audience on Moj, he got an opportunity to act alongside stars Rajpal

Yadav and Khali for a short video adaptation of the iconic comic book Chacha Chaudhary. It’s awesome to live in an era where a digital space can take you to the stars, quite literally 😉 Prasad has yet again made us go ROFL with the role of Binni Chachi in his recent video, go watch and have a hearty laugh.

It takes a lot of courage to put ourselves out there. There’s the fear of judgment, failure, and not being good enough. So let’s make a positive and healthy environment and support these amazingly talented Moj creators. You can also as easily get yourself on the Moj app to create content and be the influencers of tomorrow. 

So put on your creator pants and #MojBanaHitHoja today! 😉