If we think of failures, it’s hard to be optimistic about them. But this museum of failure gives us hope to shine even when we fail. An initiative by Dr. Samuel West, a licensed psychologist, celebrates failed products from all over the world.  

 A Twitter user TrungTPhan shared how this museum in Sweden celebrates unsuccessful innovations from various brands. The museum has more than 150 failed products that emphasise innovation and progress requires failure. It aims to give insight into the risky business of innovation.

Here are some failed products that will make you think why did they even exist? 

1. Ikea a.i.r. 

2.  Kettle corn Oreos

3. Spray-on Condom

4. Little Miss No Name

5. Lifesaver Holes

6. Nintendo Power Glove

7. Arch Deluxe 

8. Colgate Frozen Beef Lasagna

9. Nike Magneto

10. Apple Pippin

11. Heinz Coloured Ketchup

12. Harley-Davidson Cologne

13. Twitter Peek

14. ESPN phone

15. Kitschy toilet paper radio & holder in one

16. Ladies’ makeup compact in the shape of a pistol

17. Ultimate Facial Toning System Mask

18. Butter stick

19. Crystal Pepsi

20. Trump the game

21. Chocolate pizza by Dr.Oetker

22. German hazard warning for trucks

23. Snail Hat

24. Cocacola Blak

25. Marlboro Ice-cream

Clearly, this Museum of failure is a celebration of art and creativity.  

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