So iPhone X is almost here and my wait is finally over. I’ve been saving up for this since I bought my last iPhone and now I can finally empty my bank balance to get my hands on this sexy beast. Sure, I am drowning in my credit cards’ bills and could have used some money to pay those off but I really do need the iPhone X. I mean, have you seen it? It’s the most beautiful thing I have in the world (until the next iPhone comes obviously.)

Often, the voice in my head keeps telling me that I need to stop my iPhone obsession and save some money, but I know better. See, I do know that there are other good phones in the market and they might have better features at a lower cost. But who are we kidding? They don’t have the half-eaten apple at the back. They are not iPhones! I don’t care if I have to be broke after buying one. All I know is this: When I will have the iPhone X in my hand, everything would make sense and the world would be much more beautiful from the dual-12MP camera of my new phone. 

Here are all the reasons why I need the new iPhone or do I?

 Design credits: Mir Suhail