At the time when India is under countrywide lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, most of the people are working from their homes. With people attending the conference calls on video chats, Zoom, the video call app has become the favourite service among users.

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This is the reason why the app has more than 100 million app downloads on the Google Play Store. However, now the service users are facing privacy and security issues. According to Forbes, people are facing issues where users in a meeting are able to read your private messages.

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Zoom’s privacy policy is so concerning that the US Attorney General is looking into the company’s practices. As per a report by Vice News, Zoom is currently facing class-action lawsuit after it emerged that the firm was sharing data with Facebook.

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Like every other social media service, Zoom also claims that the video conferencing app is end-to-end encrypted which means even the company can not read your chat data. However, a report by The Intercept claims that Zoom can access un-encrypted video and audio from meetings anytime.

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After all the issues, it looks like there is no end to Zoom’s problems, at least not in the near future. You can also check our list of best free video calling apps which are safe and secure.