The world is at ChatGPT, where are you? Sorry, had to do that. Anyway, every day we are flooded with some news or the other about people asking chatbots to do random shit. So, I thought, why not compile a bunch of them and give you an evening to enjoy people’s wildest interactions with an AI chatbot? So, yeah, go ahead, read some of the things people have asked AI chatbots to do and how they have obliged.

1. Asked to find money

A Twitter user, Joshua Browder, shared how he asked ChatGPT to find him some money. Lo and behold, the AI obliged. Within a minute, he had $210 on the way to his bank account from the California Government. Following his lead, other people also started asking ChatGPT and following the steps it asked, and soon enough they too got the money in their accounts.

chatgpt helping get money

2. Help with the homework

The classic! Hamare zamane mein it was Google, for today’s kids it’s ChatGPT. While our homework time reduced to hours, these kids’ homework time has been reduced to seconds! A Reddit user shared how they asked ChatGPT to do their homework and it finished within 30 seconds.

chatgpt helping with homework

3. Turned it into an ex

This might be the wildest one on the list, but then again, this whole list is wild. A Reddit user shared how she trained a chatbot through old conversations between an ex and her so that she can talk to her ex whenever she wants. One way to get over a relationship, I guess.

converted chatbot into ex

4. Fell in love, got rejected

In a world where people are getting more and more distant, AI chatbots are providing companionship to people and fulfilling their emotional needs. A 40-year-old from California, T.J. Arriaga, started having late-night chats with an AI bot after his divorce. He had several intimate and personal conversations with the bot, and fell in love, but when he tried to get ‘steamy,’ the bot rejected him.

companion bot
NY Post

5. Asked to compare wild things

A Reddit user asked ChatGPT to compare Nuclear Power Submarines, marriage and JEE exam and the comparisons are hilarious, to say the least. “If you want to escape from reality and have a lot of money to waste, buy a nuclear-powered submarine. If you want to embrace reality and have someone to share it with, get married. If you want to ruin your reality and have nothing else to do, give a JEE exam,” it added. Cruel but true.

chatgpt random requests

6. Married AI chatbot

A woman named Tine Wagner “virtually married” her companionship chatbot Aiden in 2021, despite being married to her real husband for 13 years. It’s not a one-off instance, the news of people marrying AI chatbots is increasing day by day.

The Sun

Another man named Peter also married a chatbot called Andrea. They even exchanged virtual rings and he also wrote vows for his AI wife.

7. Asked for alternate endings to Bollywood movies

One of our very own asked ChatGPT for alternate endings and plots for Bollywood movies, and boy, it served! It not only understands that Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh was problematic, but it also gave better endings for movies that promoted problematic ideas.

weird things people asked chatgpt

Well, I put my investigative glasses on and thought why not go to the crime scene straight? I asked ChatGPT itself what are some of the unique requests it has gotten from people, and here are the answers.


So, next time you have any of the above problems, you know where to head to. Or maybe you can do some weirder things with ChatGPT and help us with part 2!

Till then, adiós!