Sitting for long hours without performing any physical activity is bad for our health. It mainly affects people who have desk jobs or those who are avid gamers. This lifestyle makes us lazy, so much so that we hardly step out of our homes and end up inviting many health diseases and disorders. Speaking of people who are addicted to digital or video games, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised this habit as a gaming disorder. However, gaming addiction still continues.


A study has found out what avid gamers could look like after nearly 20 years. Researchers have predicted how their bodies are likely undergo negative changes, if they don’t change their lifestyle habits soon.

The study conducted by a website called suggests that researchers have created a visual representation of a future gamer named as Michael.


As per their research, gaming addicts would have rounded shoulders due to lack of movement, hunched back from poor posture, etc. Their bodies will also show signs of bald patches, dark circles, hairy ears, pale skin, and more.

Here’s the representation of avid gamers in 2040:


Going by Michael’s feet, researchers also claimed that gaming addicts might also end up having Playstation thumb, blister on fingertips on hands, and Nintendo arthritis.


They are expected to suffer from swollen ankles due to less physical activity as well.


…If you don’t pay attention to your lifestyle, the future gamer could be your future. By being mindful of your posture, your intake and screen time, you can create a more balanced lifestyle that can counteract those gaming hours,” the research stated.

While it is just a fictional peek into our future, let’s be more active and focus on balanced lifestyle to avoid such transformation.

Stay healthy, peeps.