The world had come to terms with the slow and steady Internet Explorer when, in 2008, Google Chrome came to revolutionize the browsing space. In less than five years, Google Chrome took over the maximum usage share among web browsers and became the world’s favorite. 


While we’ve already bid our goodbyes to Internet Explorer, Chrome boasts 64.91% of usage share as of May 2022.  

Google Chrome really is a blessing. It makes our life simpler in n number of ways. While we all use the browser, most of us do not utilize its complete potential. This viral thread contains some really awesome Chrome extensions that you must install right away because you need them, and they’re just so convenient. 

1. ScribeHow

2. Similar Sites

Considering churning content is my profession, I am installing this one right away! One needs good resource bank.

3. Power Thesaurus 

Ahh! And this one as well. Who doesn’t want a great vocabulary reserve? But just don’t overuse big words.

4. GoFullPage

Snap. Snap. Snap.

5. Headline Studio

A bad headline is literally a deal-breaker when it comes to content. And it’s not easy to make good headlines either. Doesn’t this extension seem like a blessing?

6. Color Zilla

7. Fonts Ninja

8. Grammarly

I use this already. I can tell you that it sure does make life a lot easier.

9. Mail tracker

10. Loom

11. Responsive Viewer

12. Bitly

Short links are just so convenient.

It’s natural to be a little skeptical about installing extensions. You may be wondering whether these are even safe or useful. Well! Some people are finding this thread pretty relevant.

Like I said!

Have you tried any of these extensions? Which one are you installing first?