In association with Volkswagen

I have grown up with a lot of fancy cars (as wall posters!) in my room. But thinking about my dream car, I invariably imagine myself catching the most breathtaking sunset there ever was, from the perfect vantage point of my light Blue Beetle Convertible.

That’s what Volkswagen does to you. For as long as one can remember, the brand has shaped our aspirations. The German car manufacturing company has marked generations with its iconic designs, frontier technology, comfort features, and its breathtaking palette of vibrant yellows, blues, and reds. Wherefore car lovers will agree, that every time a new ‘Das Auto’ is introduced to the world, it’s a legit cause for celebration. And that’s exactly what the launch event of the new Volkswagen Taigun in New Delhi was and I am glad, I got to attend it.  

Taigun is Volkswagen’s latest entrant in the mid-size SUV segment, which is a bold, dynamic and German-engineered SUVW. The car boasts the globally acclaimed TSI technology, making it extremely fun to drive and safe. So naturally, the launch event for the car also had to be at par with its vibrant personality. 

Volkswagen India joined hands with the foremost event management company, Showtime Events to transform Central Park in Delhi’s iconic Connaught Place into an extraordinary visual spectacle for the four-day-long event leading up to the launch on 23rd September, 2021. The brand also assigned its partners PHD, 22Feet and VICE Media Group for a 360 degree amplification approach. 

For the pre-launch activation, team Showtime bewitched us with a dynamic light and sound show that displayed the different facets, vibe and colours of the Taigun. A grid with 2500 LED pixel balls was specially designed for this purpose, which took over 144 hours to be constructed! What blew my mind during the show even further was to see millions of lights and colour combinations perfectly synchronising with the music to give the audience an out of the world experience. Really, you had to be there!

The launch event wasn’t far behind. Showtime created an immersive 360-degree audiovisual experience for the audience with 2500 sq. feet of LED screens and a surround sound system. 

But the unveiling sequence of Taigun was the magnum opus. Here, the virtual model of the Taigun emerged from the screen and extended into 6 real SUVWs performing a choreographed routine while driving around the audience. To all the gearheads like me present there, the 6-car drift almost appeared like a ballet. Oh! And did I tell you Bollywood celebrities, Ali Fazal and Kriti Kharbanda were also present? 

It wasn’t just the people attending these events in person who got to experience the #HustleModeOn truly up close. There were towers as high as 70 feet also installed around the venue to support cameras and broadcast paraphernalia required to stream the spectacle worldwide. Check out the highlights of the event here. 

Having attended this event in person was an experience in itself, as I am sure driving the new Volkswagen Taigun will be. You can check out the car here and switch your #HustleModeOn.