The Internet is an incredible platform when it comes to interacting with people and Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, makes the best use of Twitter in making generous contributions to the people in need.

Here are 5 times when Anand Mahindra combined his own power with that of the internet to help people achieve their dreams.


1. When he helped a Mangalore woman expand her food truck.

In 2015, when her family was going through an extreme financial crisis, 34-year-old Shilpa took out ₹1 lakh deposit that she had kept for her son’s education and bought a Mahindra Bolero pick-up truck. She converted it into a food-truck and started selling North Kannada delicacies.


This was the time when someone from her locality tweeted the picture of 'Halli Mane Rotties' to Anand Mahindra and the noble businessman offered to help Shilpa expand her business!

2. When he gifted a mini truck to the man who had modified his auto into a 'Scorpio'.

A Twitter user had tweeted to Mahindra a photo of an auto, whose rear was modified to look like Mahindra Scorpio.


Anand Mahindra was so impressed by the creativity that he decided to buy that auto for his company's museum.

The business magnate then gifted the man a brand new Supro, Mahindra's small commercial four-wheeler.

3. When he helped a cobbler by getting a brand new kiosk designed for him.

Anand Mahindra had received a photograph of a cobbler via WhatsApp who advertised himself as the doctor of 'hurt shoes'.

Mighty impressed with his marketing skills, Mahindra asked if someone could locate him.

His team in Haryana finally found the man and he's now going to get his own kiosk!

4. When he gifted a Mahindra Thar honouring a Paralympian's achievements.

When Twitterati inundated Anand Mahindra with requests to give a car to Paralympian Mariyappan Thangavelu who had won a gold medal in the high jump event at Rio Paralympics, he didn't disappoint them and gifted him a Mahindra Thar.


5. When he reached out to an artist who created art out of potholes.

Protesting against the dismal state of roads, a visual artist had placed a life-sized crocodile in the 12ft-long pothole in north Bengaluru’s Sulthanpalya Main Road.


Anand Mahindra shared this picture on Twitter and even asked people if there's any way he could reach out to the artist.

With the help of Twitter, the man was identified as a Mysore-based artist, Badal Nanjundaswamy. Soon, the artist got in touch with him and the generous businessman promised to get back to him!

What a humanitarian!