A relationship is built on the blocks of love and genuine efforts laid down by both the partners equally. However, maintaining the romantic quotient keeping in action daily habits can be a hard task. Well, no one is saying you to take your partner out on dinner every day or pamper them with flowers every week, just bring into practice these 8 habits that will help you strengthen your romantic bond with your partner and will keep the beauty of your relationship alive. 

1. Always try to respect your partner and his or her choices even if as an individual you disagree to it. 

2. Make sure you plan a date night once in a while for your partner to make them feel special and wanted. 

3. Go for a 30 minutes slow walk with your partner to promote conversation, quality time, and exposure to fresh air. 

4. Expressing positive attributes about your partner to others will help deepen the connection you have with them. 

5. Figure out how your partner likes to be loved and do it for them every now and then. 

6. When you help your partner in household chores, they look at you from an attractive perspective.

7.  No matter how comfortable you get in your relationship with your partner make sure you flirt with them and keep those initial days spark intact. 

8. Traveling is a great way to build and strengthen your bond with your partner. So next time when there is a long weekend, plan a short trip with your bae.