Pandemic birthed a major transformation in our work life. The professional mingled with the personal, and work from home became a thing overnight. As we began to adapt ourselves to this new setting, some of us fell in love with it so much that we now hate the idea of going back to a physical working environment. 

Consider this viral tweet as a testimonial to what I just said. Some people REALLY love WFH.

This tweet really sparked a debate. There emerged two groups of people. One who were for the motion and clearly loved WFH. And the others who just could not make sense of WFH at all.

Let’s hear the people against work from home first.

That’s true tho! Not every profession is meant for WFH. But does that mean we need to force everyone to work from office even when they are unwilling?

The majority loves WFH & we get it.

WFH does come with its set of loopholes. But it’s all the more convenient and economical. Most importantly, employees want it!

And WFH does come with its share of benefits as well.


Yes. WFH doesn’t mean employees are squandering time and not being productive.

The fact is that both WFH and work from physical setting are important from a different points of view. However, it’d be a real task to make employees want to get back to the office, especially when the benefits of remote working have been enormous. 

Which side are you on?