We sadly come across incidents of discrimination on the basis of religion and caste, on a daily basis, some of which are a lot to comprehend. And it’s even more saddening, when people bring their prejudices in basic chores or even places of work. 

While we’ve constantly seen Muslims being denied houses to rent and whatnot, there are newer methods every day in which people highlight their stereotypes – in ways we wouldn’t expect.

UNSW Newsroom

Recently, a screenshot went viral, where a Swiggy customer had added an instruction with their order — asking not to send a Muslim delivery executive. This happened in Hyderabad, and Shaik Salauddin, who’s the head of an organization of workers employed in the gig economy, also shared the screenshot asking Swiggy to take action. 

An instruction on Swiggy might seem a personal choice, and a harmless one at that. But someone was literally denied to do their job, because of their religion. And if that isn’t alarming, I’m not sure what would be. 

And a lot of people on Twitter are rightly outraged post the incident. 

It’s incidents like these that need our attention, because who knows, what next?